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Offering professional short term secured finance options, unsecured guarantor funding and fantastic leasehold hospitality funding for any business purpose..


CommercialBridgingLoans.Org:Buying a property at auction.

Auction Finance

Quick low interest financing for buying both commercial and residential property through property auctions. for property development.


Several forms of funding are available for ongoing property development and redevelopment projects.

CommercialBridgingLoans.Org:Credit for property refurbishment.


Business or residentials property refurbishments for private investors, home owners and businesses.


Business or property refurbishment bridging finance.

Upgrading a business premise doesn't come cheap nowadays. Some refurbishments can actually mount up to more than several hundred thousand pounds. We are on hand with low interest commercial bridging loans for refurbishment purposes.

However, your renovation or modernisation may not be on a business place of work, but on a property you have purchased with a view to either renting it out in the future, or indeed, selling on. We can also organise short term funding for these projects too.

The funding we set up, is direct from ourselves. We are the actual lenders. We can offer you some of the cheapest rates of interests and fully flexible packages which empowers you to be in total control of when you clear the full amount borrowed.

Funding for all

As a principal lender we offer our own unique form of lending, but we can also crowd source finance and work with other lenders too.

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This means that you are actually in control of how much you pay back in interest repayments too. The sooner you clear the full amount, the less you pay in interest. Call 0845 475 1021 today or use our web application form.

We are an independent lenders, using our own funds when we lend. This means we are not beheld to any banks or building societies, or even other private investors. This means we can judge each and every application on it's own merits, not  lending regulations.

Cheap interest cost business finance.
The best rates on all borrowing formats

Business bridging loans.

Based solely on equity, even those with a less than perfect credit history can bridge that gap with us.

Auction finance.

Don't miss out on a property bargain eith an almost instant decision on funding.

Unsecured funding.

Use a Director of your company as a guarantor to get high value financing sorted quick time.

Leasehold lending.

Offering expansion packages for London hospitality themed businesses looking at financing secured against their lease.

Even if you have been refused elsewhere, as long as you have a property or land to be used as security, there is a stronger than normal chance of us accepting your request for a commercial bridging loan for a renovation or refurbishment.

This also means we are able, and quite, often do, to lend to adverse or bad credit applicants. Whether it be you or your company that hasn't got a perfect borrowing history, we organise our short term funding based on LTV (Loan To Value) and equity.

CommercialBridgingLoans.Org:0845 475 1021

We lend throughout the UK, which includes all the major Cities such as London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool. We also work throughout Scotland and Wales. Our funding can be used on any type of commercial project.

There are  no early repayment penalties, so if we assume you are going to sell the property on quickly, and manage to do so with in a month, you are only liable for one months interest. Cheap rates are determined by LTV and crfedit worthiness.