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Offering professional short term secured finance options, unsecured guarantor funding and fantastic leasehold hospitality funding for any business purpose..


CommercialBridgingLoans.Org:Buying a property at auction.


Primarily we will offer funding for business expansion against any long term lease throughout London. for property development.


If only a short term lease is available we can still offering financing secured against any residential property.

CommercialBridgingLoans.Org:Credit for property refurbishment.


Credit score and history is not a problem the value of the property, LTV is how we accuratley work out our loans.

Quick decision

CommercialBridgingLoans.Org:Fast answers for funding.

We are the actual lenders of our hospitality venue financing.

You have read correctly. We have developed a new style of funding that can be used to expand your business venues. As an example, if you have a restaurant that is doing well, but you do not own the property, we can offer you funding secured against the lease.

You can then use the fund to pen a new venture under your brand. Business expansion loans without having to own the buildings.

Unfortunately at this time, this form of commercial borrowing is only available in London.

A refurbishment or even opening a new venue may only be a call away.

Funding for all

As a principal lender we offer our own unique form of lending, but we can also crowd source finance and work with other lenders too.

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Get in touch today to discuss, in full detail how a hospitality leasehold loan would and could work for you and your business growth.

Simply call us up on our local low call number or use the online enquiry form to arrange for us to give you a ring back at a time that fits in with your busy schedule.

Opening a new venue in London or refurbishing your current hospitality business may be closer than you have ever dreamed.

Cheap interest cost business finance.
The best rates on all borrowing formats

Business bridging loans.

Based solely on equity, even those with a less than perfect credit history can bridge that gap with us.

Auction finance.

Don't miss out on a property bargain eith an almost instant decision on funding.

Unsecured funding.

Use a Director of your company as a guarantor to get high value financing sorted quick time.

Leasehold lending.

Offering expansion packages for London hospitality themed businesses looking at financing secured against their lease.

Cheap rates, first class service, I highly recommend.

Mr. P O'Donnell,   London.

That was truly a quick bridging loan paid into my bank.

Ms. D Armitage, Portsmouth.


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It's my first short term bridge made easy.

Mr Singh,               Liverpool.

The revolving credit is an amazing form of funding.

Mrs. L Edgware, Manchester.